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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

got rare b5 ships from Urobach

I got four rare b5 ships from urobach on the mongoose form. these four minis will be heavly used in the gaim war. The four ships are.


Valerius royal battleship
Ventator advance cruiser

Earth Alliance

Quasar dreadnought with 24 guns of several type.
Pegasus frigate, which is big as the cronus attack frigate.

here is some pics. I look foreward to putting them together and painting them. Urobach gave me 4 pdf files on how to put them together.

                                                      Pegasus frigate

                                              Qusar dreadnought

                                                  second pic of Qusar dreadnought

                                            Main body of Valerius royal battleship.

                                               second bag for the Valerius royal battleship


                                              Third bag for the Valerius royal battleship

                                               forth bag for the Valerius royal battleship.

                                                  Ventator advance cruiser.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Babylon 5 Normandy advance destroyer

       Saw this on It goes for $26.95. It is perfect for the b5 universe and would make a good earth alliance advance destroyer. I do plan on converting the ship. I plan on removeing a piece of the ship and add some guns to her. I do plan on getting two more and have a squadron of three. As soon as I am done with the stats i will post them. She will go get for the five year Gaim war campaign.

       The Normandy class advance destroyer is the newest destroyer class to roll of the asembly lines. The first ship of her class came into service in 2290. Earth finally found a way to have a ship have Minbari, Drahk, and Shadow technology. She even has a little bit of Vorlon tech as well. She the most powerful ship in EarthForce inventory. By the time of the Gaim war in 2300, there are over forty units in service. She had an impressive record durring the war and no units was lost.

       As soon as I am done with the stats, I will post them.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Backround story for B-3 Nemesis advance desstroyer

            Durring the Telepath war, Psi-Corp was building an experitmental advance destroyer, called Nemesis. When E.F.N.I. [EarthForce Naval Intelligence] found out. They sent a group of E.F.N.I. commandos on captain Ivonva's ships to sieze the Nemesis.
            The ships lead by captain Ivonva defeated the Psi-Corp ships and fighters stationed there and then secured the shipyard. Then E.F.N.I. commandos boarded the Nemesis and a firefight broke out with Psi-Corp. The firefight didn't last long and E.F.N.I commandos defeated the Psi-Corp and siezed te ship. After the Nemesis was towed out of the shipyard, Ivonva's ship then destroyed the shipyard.
           The Nemesis was towed to an EarthForce base. Over the next few years, she was studied and EarthForce did a total new ship desgin of destroyers based on the Nemesis. It jas Shadow bio-armour. It also has Drahk technology, that was recovered from the remains of hundreds of Drahk ships, that was destroyed in the attack on earth.
           The first ship in the new desgin went into service in 2271. It was just in time for the tenth anniversarry of the founding of the Interstellar Alliance. The new version of the Nemesis, makes these ships as deadly and powerful as the Warlock advance destroyers. By the time of the Gaim war in 2300, there are over fifty in service. There are mrk 1 and mrk 2 versions. The mrk 2 version came into service in 2280. A mrk 3 is rumored to be in development.
             I.S.A. president John Sherdian, did protest the use of Shadow and Drahk technology. The Earth preident to Sherdian, that these ships will not be used in acts of agression, but only in self-defense or to respond to an attack on Earth ships and colonies.
              The Nemesis destroyers had an impressive record during the five year Gaim war 2300-2305. Only three was lost in action. The Nemesis destroyers destroyed over three hundred enemy ships and over a thousand fighters during the war. They also help to win a dozen major engagments.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth's newest warship for the Gaim War

This is the newest warship to enter EarthForce. It is the mrk 2 Nemesis Advance Destroyer by B-3.
This i an impressive miniature and he did a great job. I will post my backround story for this miniature
soon. I highly recomend buying this miniature. It is for sale at his web site for $35.00.

Friday, April 4, 2014

another new ship for the league

here is a third painted Cardassian ship, i am plan on using for one of the league worlds. It is a resin
Keladon class battlecruiser. Probly will use it as a strike cruiser.

here is a league strike cruiser.