Friday, April 4, 2014

another new ship for the league

here is a third painted Cardassian ship, i am plan on using for one of the league worlds. It is a resin
Keladon class battlecruiser. Probly will use it as a strike cruiser.

here is a league strike cruiser.

Monday, March 31, 2014

New ships for a League World

I  plan on using some of the cardassian ships i got from big pat and sting jb in the gaim war.
they will represent one of the league worlds that does not have full scale b5 ships. I am not
sure how many there will be in the fleet, but it will be at least twenty. I will post stats for them
when i am finshed working on it. Here is pics on two ships n that fleet.

I will use it as a light cruiser.

i plan on using it a a heavy cruiser.
i will be posting more pics on this fleet in the weeks to come.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My New Web Site

I am building a new web site, which i hope to launch soon, the gaim war will be posted here and at the web site as well. on the web site will be a series of books on ships involved in the gaim war. They will be in pdf forum and be free to download, with other pdf books. I have a gallery npage to show my painted minis. There will be other things on the web site, i will anounced when they web site is up.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


i have decided, that since there are six gaim queens, that there will be two diffrent gaim fleets. Each fleet will represent three gaim queens. the gaim first fleet, will be made up of babylon 5 acta gaim miniatures. the gaim 2nd fleet will be made up of studio bergstrom hive ships, drones and fighters. the first part of the gaim second fleet has been ordered from studio bergstrom, and should be here soon. i plan on several more orders on the hive ships to finsh up the the gaim 2nd fleet.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Here is another drahk fleet goal update. i'm getting closer to completeing the drahk fleet. i am hoping to complete it by may. total shis in the fleet is 86. drahk mothership new goal x=1 have x=0 drahk orginal mothership goal x=1 have x=3 drahk orginal carrier goal x=1 have x=1 drahk carrier new goal x=3 have x=0 drahk patrol cruiser goal x=6 have x=9 drahk light cruiser goal x=9 have x=12 drahk fast destroyer goal x=9 have x=12 drahk light raider goal x=10 have x=18 drahk heavy raider goal x=10 have x=18 drahk scoutship goal x=4 have x=9 drahk heavy cruiser goal x=8 have x=0 drahk breaching pods goal x=6 have x=0 using main body of drahk light raider drahk heavy scout goal x=3 have x=0 heavy raider varriant drahk sheild ship goal x=3 have x=3 light raider varriant drahk temple ship goal x=1 have x=1 using khurasan garn merchant warship as drahk temple ship. i have decided to use two diffrent types of gaim fleet. one will be b5 acta gaim fleet to represent 3 of 6 gaim queens. the other 3 gaim queens fleet will be studio bergstrom's hive ships and brigade model bug ships. i have ordered 49 studio bergstrom's hive ships and fighters.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Drahk Temple Ship is in

This is the Garn Merchant Warship from Khurasan Miniatures. It is $8.99 and i am going to use
it as a Drahk Temple ship. It is 2.5. inches long and has impressive details. As you can see, it is
in seven piece casting. I am looking forward to painting it as a drahk temple ship.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


i have a charger for my digatal camera and will be posting lots of pics soon. the ship i am going to use as a drahk temple ship is coming in today or tomorrow and i will post pics of the drahk temple ship with bio. i picked up a package of nib drahk light raiders, this will now put my drahk fleet at 86. i plan on wraping up my drahk fleet at last next month.